Confidential Psychiatric Evaluations:


Children: The typical evaluation consists of the follow:

  1. Initial Parent Meeting – This is an hour meeting to gather relevant information about the concerns and history of symptoms and treatment. At the end of this meeting, you will likely receive questionnaires (rating scales) for you and a teacher to fill out. If there are any relevant professionals that have information to help with the evaluation (therapists, pediatricians, teachers, etc.), you can fill out a Release of Information so I can speak to them. You can also bring in relevant information such as previous evaluations, report cards, and testing results. If appropriate, a school observation may be added before I meet with your child.
  2. Initial Child Meeting – this is approximately a 45 minute meeting to understand and observe your child. If they are old enough, they may fill out a questionnaire.
  3. Parent Conference Meeting – in this third meeting, I will review all the information I gathered with you and give you my summary, diagnoses, and work out a treatment plan, if needed.



Usually the evaluation process is the same as the child evaluation, but it may vary depending on the age of the adolescent and other developmental factors. For the older adolescent, I may have the first meeting with them to develop a treatment alliance to help their participation in the evaluation and treatment process. They will typically have a questionnaire to fill out. They may also be included in the third (Parent Conference) meeting to have them participate in the treatment planning process.



The typical evaluation consists of one hour long meeting at the end of which we will develop a treatment plan if needed.