Insurance Coverage

I do not bill insurances directly and I am not an in-network provider.  You pay me at the time of service and I will give you a statement with all the information your insurance company needs to reimburse you if your insurance allows.  Most PPO insurances have an out-of-network reimbursement rate between 50-80% for psychiatric services, minus any deductible amount, but you can verify this with your insurance company.


If you want to see how much they would reimburse you, here are the CPT codes I use for the following evaluations and treatment:



Child & Adolescent:

90792 - 2 sessions; one with parents and one with the child

90885 - Record Review, coordination with other providers, rating scales

90887 - Parent Conference



90792 - 1 session



99214 & 90833 - medication follow-up

90834 - therapy

99214 & 90836 - therapy with medication

90846 - parent meeting

90847 - family therapy